June 16, 2009

Online Diabetes Communities Multiply

Social networking is the rage. People are sharing personally and professionally. For people with diabetes there’s been a ground swell of social networking sites. They offer opportunities to keep up with the latest diabetes research, products and technology, connect with others in your shoes and share your challenges and triumphs. And you get to do this with people globally. As a diabetes educator who’s been around for many years I realize that having diabetes can be isolating and that support is critical to successful management – medically and emotionally. Though this has been known for years, until this technology boom (and bloom), it’s been difficult to connect so easily.

Now, cyberspace is filling up with diabetes specific social networks on which people with diabetes – of all types, of all ages – can connect and share 24/7/365. Want to connect with others using a continuous glucose monitor? pregnant with type 1? struggling with carb counting? trying to trim pounds? dealing with the diagnosis?

Explore a few excellent diabetes social networking sites I’ve listed here (and in my links.)They range from blog posts open for comments to sites resembling facebook and twitter for people with diabetes. Read a few posts and responses, review suggested resources, log on and post a note. Check out which site (or sites) speaks to your needs, wants and desires…and are worth your valuable time and energy.

Do, however, be careful that the advice shared is reliable and science-based, as well as supportive!

Diabetesmine.com, Tudiabetes.com, Thediabetesoc.com, diabeticlivingonline.com, Diabeticconnect.com, Diabetessisters.org, Diabetesdaily.com, Behavioraldiabetes.org, Childrenwithdiabetes.org, Fit4d.com, diabetesstories.com