Warshaw quoted in USAToday Nutrition Nation blog, Prediabetes: The Silent Menace

USAToday's Nutrition Nation blog Prediabetes: The Silent Menace by award-winning dietitian Elizabeth Ward, RD was posted 1/23/12 in response to the increased interest in prediabetes by Paula Deen's announcement about her type 2 diabetes diagnosis. Warshaw is quoted saying, "Prediabetes is a huge health problem that is not being addressed to the fullest," says certitifed diabetes educator Hope Warshaw, RD, author of Diabetes Meal Planning Made Easy and five other books about diabetes. Warshaw is also quoted as saying: "Knowing your blood glucose level helps determine your chances for type 2 diabetes. If you're in the danger zone waste no time tackling the problem. By the time you're diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, you may have lost between 50% and 80% of your ability to make insulin," Warshaw says.