Warshaw quoted in Energy Times story, "Surviving the Restaurant Meal"

Warshaw is quoted in the June issue of Energy Times in the story, "Surviving the Restaurant Meal". The well written story offers readers insights and strategies to choose restaurants with healthier offerings and to choose healthier items once they've stepped across the restaurant's threshold. Warshaw provides her usual practical guidance and is quoted as author of Eat Out, Eat Right: The Guide to Healthier Restaurant Eating. She is quoted as saying, healthy restaurant eating can be distilled into two steps: decrease fat intake and control portion size. But she notes, “It’s easy to say, complex to do.”

Warshaw is further quoted as saying: “You can eat healthy in 99% of restaurants. Let’s just look at Chinese; you can have a reasonably healthy Chinese meal or a very unhealthy Chinese meal, like deep fried eggrolls and you end up with fried bananas and sweet and sour this and that with a heavy sauce in between. Or you can have steamed brown rice, a bowl of healthy soup and a dish with a large amount of veggies. It’s a combination of how you order and the quantity that you eat.” There’s no cookie-cutter approach. “What you can do depends on the kind of restaurant you’re in,” Warshaw says. “What you can do standing at a McDonald’s counter on a weekday at noon is very different than what you can do at a sit-down fine dining restaurant. But I can certainly stand at a Subway restaurant, where my sandwich is being made to order, and I can say, ‘Hold the mayo,’ and I can get whole grain bread. Where you can customize, do.”