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Resistantstarch.com offers Q &A with Warshaw

Resistantstarch.com offers Q &A with Warshaw which provides the basics about and benefits of eating more resistant starch. Also pick up pointers to increase your resistant starch intake. Gather more tips and tactics for healthy eating whether you want to prevent diabetes or manage it in Warshaw's best-selling book Diabetes Meal Planning Made Easy.

WebMD posts expert advice from Warshaw on Type 2 Diabetes and Diets

Warshaw's Expert Q&A: A Healthy Diet for Type 2 Diabetes posted on WebMD among expert advice from Ornish, Ludwig, Hill, Diekman and others under All the Latest from the Greatest...Expert Advice on Eating to Prevent or Control Health Conditions.

Warshaw advises Washington Post readers how to survive shopping mall food courts

Warshaw advises Washington Post readers about how to survive shopping mall food courts and assorted restaurants while shopping in Huget's Eat Drink and Be Healthy column titled: Courting Dietary Disaster at the Mall? With Planning, You Can Shake It Off.

Diabetic Living publishes Warshaw's Food Labels Simplified

Food Labels Simplified, authored by Warshaw and published by Diabetic Living, Better Homes and Gardens consumer diabetes magazine, helps people with diabetes know where to stare on the Nutrition Facts panel to make the healthiest food choices.

Warshaw writes e-NutriZine for global PRESENT Diabetes e-learning community

Read one or more of Warshaw’s e-NutriZines published by PRESENT Diabetes Nutrition e-learning and networking community for healthcare professionals.

Warshaw becomes Diabetic Living contributing editor - Fall 2008

Diabetic Living, a Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest magazine, makes Warshaw contributing editor for this quarterly diabetes consumer magazine beginning in Fall 2008. Read an article penned by Warshaw in this issue Log on to Take it Off.

Warshaw's advice to woman about healthy eating on sheknows.com

A series of columns in the popular women's website sheknows.com offers advice to women from Warshaw on healthy eating - at home or out - and promotes her book Eat Out, Eat Right. Titles of the columns are: Eat Better When Eating Out, Diet Tips for Women, and Diet Conscious Dining Out.

Health.com works with Warshaw as expert resouce on FAQ What to Eat with Diabetes

Health magazine's website www.health.com launches revised diabetes section. The eating with diabetes content includes an FAQ titled What to Eat If You Have Diabetes written by Warshaw.

Warshaw is editor for Summer 2008 On the Cutting Edge newsletter

Warshaw is editor for Summer 2008 issue of the On the Cutting Edge newsletter, published by Diabetes Care and Education, the diabetes subgroup of American Dietetic Association (link to website) on the timely topic: Prevention of Prediabetes and Type 2 Diabetes with Weight Management in Children and Adults. Read her Theme Editor Message.