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Warshaw quoted in Arizona Republic story "Restaurant Chains Prepare for New Menu-Labeling Rules"

Writer Angeligue Soenarie quotes Warshaw in Arizona Republic (Sun, 4/17/11) in "Restaurant Chains Prepare for New Menu-Labeling Rules". The story discusses how restaurant chains across the U.S. are preparing for and coping with the recently proposed menu-labeling rules from FDA expected to go into effect sometime in 2012.

Quantia Announces EatSmart, an Innovative Mobile App for People with Prediabetes/Type 2 Diabetes Developed with Warshaw

On 4/6/11Quantia, the creators of QuantiaMD®, the leading online physician community, announced the release of the innovative mobile application for diabetes meal planning named EatSmart over the business wire.

Warshaw quoted in San Antonio Express-News article "Restaurants Reworking Kids Meals"

Jessica Belasco, in the article titled Restaurants Reworking Kids Meals quotes Warshaw list of the key pitfalls of restaurant meals for kids:“Where are the whole grains?

Warshaw quoted in Today's Dietitian story about Exercise and Type 2 Diabetes

Warshaw offers her advice to help dietitians help people with type 2 pursue a regular physical activity plan in Jump-Starting Motivation to Exercise in Clients With Type 2 Diabetes. This article is an e-news exclusive on Today's Dietitian's website. Today's Dietitian is geared to the over 70,000 dietitians in the U.S.

Warshaw is profiled as "Inspiring RD" in chat with Rima Kleiner, RD

Rima Kleiner's recent blog post Chat with an Inspiring RD: Hope Warshaw, provides Warshaw's top three tips for healthier restaurant eating, her thoughts about where the dietary guidelines 2010 fell short and why parents need to be concerned about their child's weight and eating habits. Yes, also learn about Warshaw's food fix. 

Warshaw interviewed by Carole Carson from Fat2Fit about Hi-maize Resistant Starch

Carole Carson, described by the Wall Street Journal as "an apostle for fitness" interviewed Warshaw about resistant starch, and specifically Hi-maize resistant starch manufacturered by her client National Starch Food Innovation. Carole posted her article: For Weight Loss and Better Health, Should You Include Hi-maize Resistant Starch in Your Diet? today (3/8/11) on her blog.

Warshaw works with Quantia MD to Develop EatSmart App - The How to's of Diabetes Meal Planning

Warshaw has teamed up with Quantia MD to develop EatSmart with Hope Warshaw - FREE app for iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android aimed at people with type 2 diabetes or prediabetes covering key diabetes nutrition/meal planning topics from Carb: How Much to Eat & How to Count It, to Sugars – What You Need to Know, to Deciphering the Food Label, Tools and Tips to Si

Warshaw's article Loss & Gains published in Diabetic Living, Spring 2011 issue

Diabetic Living, Better Homes and Garden's special interest diabetes magazine, published Warshaw's article Loss & Gains, in the Spring 2011 issue. The article delves into the many damaging effects of excess weight on health and the numerous benefits of losing a small amount of weight, including better blood glucose control. Warshaw quotes well known obesity experts Dr. Lou Aronne and Dr. Donna Ryan.

Warshaw quoted in The ZIED GUIDE - Do the New Food Rules Make or Miss the Mark?

Just before the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans were released, Elisa Zied, MS, RD, author of The ZIED GUIDE, asked a few colleagues to state what they wished to be included in these healthy eating to dos. Zied recently followed up, after the Dietary Guidelines were made public on 1/31/11, to see whether our wishes came true.